crop the top of the image bristol

Josefin slab

Dancing script



make sure you can see the damn beach

gradent effect in back ground white in the center
the bristol move video up

glass – #EDFAFD
chill – #AED9DA
coral – #3DDAD7
blue – #2A93D5
marina – #135589

1. charictor – what do they want
2. problem – can’t get what they want (frustration site not ranking) find the internal problem
3. guide – empathy – authority give info to help survive save money/connection/ make money
4. plan – 3 step plan
5. CTA
6. success
7. faliure

messages that grow your business
1. easy to understand tag line (happy person using your product) What your product is or the benfit – say my name and what you can do for me
2. top right corner different coler and big call to action and in the middle of the home page
3. visually display the success they will recieve (people being happy using product)
4. break down services in byte size categories
5. clear communication of brand script (the 7 above)

Notes –
header – shorter
slider images shorter in hight
change locations to black or dark blue
fix spacing bristol fix exclusive

Bristol Page.

shorten up image – cut the bottom cut half of the top off and move the logo on the image the two people on the left and cut it put the logo on the left or right which ever looks good hotlink

shorten the movie and move it to the left or the right
and tile the image on the left or right light box images

add all floor plans

Call Kathy, Lea and Rubin phone number

Call to action

install the bottom stuff. check email

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